Apex Legends, New Game Modes Coming Up With Season 2

Apex Legends is not going through a particularly brilliant period , with most users moving away from the game due to the few contents that quickly tired the community.

Respawn is aware of the situation and has therefore promised new game modes to come , but there will still be a bit to wait as we talk about Season 2 coming in June.

The confirmation came from a community manager during a discussion on Reddit, however we didn’t go into details about exactly what these new modes are.

It has been specified, however, how Respawn is listening to player feedback , and among the major requests there is a single or pair game mode to alternate with the standard one that sees teams of three players.

“Selfish” or uncooperative behaviors are among the main reasons for frustration in the game, and indeed a single mode would allow those who want a solitary experience not to spoil the games to others and leave groups of friends who know each other the way cooperatives.

In any case, Respawn still has a lot of work to regain the confidence of the players and return to compete seriously with Fortnite , which on the contrary with the recent crossover with Avengers: Endgame is back in the spotlight.