Fallout 76: In May Backpacks And A New Faction

Fallout 76

Bethesda has announced a new update entitled Ever Upwards which, due out May 7, will introduce the possibility of using backpacks and a new faction in Fallout 76 .

The backpacks will increase the weight that we can carry on our journey through the Appalachia and can be modified to meet specific needs.

Among the mods that we will be able to apply there will be some that will increase the transportable weight, strengthen their armor and add a refrigerating unit that will keep the food intact for longer.

The same mods will occupy space inside the backpacks, thus reducing their overall capacity, so it will be important to evaluate whether it will be worth having one installed.

The backpacks will remain visible above the outfits and armor, although they will not be once the Atomic Armor is worn.

The update will also introduce a new faction, called Pioneer Scout, which will provide us with new activities and reward with badges for practices such as cooking and swimming.

The last patch of Fallout 76 had added missions and several mechanics in early April: check it out here if you want to know more.