You’ve finally hit level 70 on Final Fantasy XIV’s Stormbloodexpansion and you also have a high-level job that earns a lot of FFXIV Gil to boot. So what’s the next thing to do after completing the main story? Believe it or not, there are still more adventures to embark on and tons of stuff do in the game even after you’ve reached your full potential. If you’re not yet level 70 but you’re near the end of it, you can reach level 70 almost entirely via the Main Storyline Quests and Daily Roulettes while earning lots of FFXIV currency at the same time.

For now, we’ll be focusing on the things you can do and unlock at level 70.

Duty Roulettes

Duty Roulettes or Duty Quests are one of the most amazing features in FFXIV, so it’d be a waste if you weren’t going to use it. Queuing for a Duty Roulette is basically the same as queuing for Daily Roulettes or trials depending on which category you queued for. The Duty Roulette is divided into seven categories, each with their own merit.

These are:

  • Expert (Level 70 Dungeons)
  • Level 50-60 Dungeons
  • Leveling
  • Trials
  • Main Scenario Roulettes (Coincides with the main story)
  • Guildhests
  • Frontline (PvP)

However, these categories won’t be unlocked until you complete the main story through the end of the Stormblood expansion.

Duty Roulettes reset daily and can reward you with Gil, experience points, and Tomestones—the end-game currency that allows players to buy end-game gear. Should you do these quests for a week, you’ll easily be able to obtain the full set of end-game gear at that time.

Go Hunting

If you’re more of an explorer looking to seize the day, hunts are a great way to explore areas while acquiring Tomestones, Gils, Seals, and Cracked Clusters at the same time. Clacked Clusters are a currency for gems known as “Material”, which will grant extra stats to your gear. Seals are also another type of currency but are specific to hunts.

If you want to unlock hunting in Stormblood, you can go to Kugane at the Shiokaze Hostelry, where you must talk to Estrild. Once you’ve unlocked hunting, there will be a Clan Hunt Board outside the building. These hunts are daily quests that rotate every 24 hours and will show you where the monsters are located so you’ll be ready for the hunt.

Go Head to Head with Extreme Primals

Extreme Primals are like a summons from the main story with steroids. So if you love a challenge, these EX modes give an intense combat experience that the normal summons simply does not. Also, doing extreme primals give you the highest item level of gear. But before attempting these extreme modes, you must first unlock them. First off, you must have a minimum item level of 300 to do this. And then head to Kugane where there’s an NPC named Wandering Minstrel who is dressed in samurai attire near the KoganeDori Markets.

Do Omega Raids

Like the Primals tier, the Omega Raid also has its normal, extreme, and Savage mode. Normal mode is for you if you simply want to experience the story, and Savage mode is for the ones that are up for a challenge along with getting top-tier gear and extra FFXIV currency. As a group, each raid tier will give you a boss to fight. Killing these bosses gives you valuable loot, depending on what mode you will choose. While you get FFXIV Gil and experience points just like farming off of Extreme Primals, how the loot is distributed is different due to the fact that it is a weekly lockout.