Fortnite Battle Royale Vs PUBG – Feel Free To Pay [Ep. 4]


For the fourth episode of the ” Feel free to pay ” column , let’s draw on the network of numerous projects given birth thanks to the famous “Unreal Engine 4″ engine. The big fish we review today are the titles of ” Fortnite Battle Royale ” (Fortnite BR) and ” PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds ” (PUBG). The first game, which irony wants to be born precisely in response to the success of the second, is available for free on numerous platforms and is considered the flagship of the Epic Games studio. The second, instead, is a paid title developed by Bluehole, sadly known for some initial technical defects, some of which then allowed the rise of Fortnite BR.

The island of the Furiosi

Both video games relate to the “Battle Royale” category. You can pronounce it in French, but it is still a game of slaughter. We start from an island, then we move on to the classic game lobby, which can accommodate up to 100 players. Once the player has been selected, it is possible to choose in both cases where the arena is projected; in PUBG you launch yourself spectacularly with a parachute from an airplane, in Fortnite BR you can imitate Mary Poppins and get off an unlikely bus with an equally unlikely umbrella.

In Fortnite BR, you give yourself a maximum of 5 weapons, or consumable objects, while there are no additional items of equipment, except for the existence of shields, with which you can double your energy. In PUBG, instead, the equipment system is more structured and is screwed on the combination of weapons, helmets, armor, boots and so on and so forth. Fortnite BR compensates with the development of the skins, thanks to which it is possible to change the appearance of one’s character or weapons, although – it must be recognized – the possibilities for personalizing the PG remain rather limited.

Even recovering weapons and objects is much more immediate in Fortnite BR: the objects are much better visible and shine in different colors, depending on the level of power they embody. The same applies to weapons, which in PUBG require a more lavish search.

The difference is always in the details

You know: even before playing with your fingers, you play with your eyes. Atmospheres must pull us in, the characters must have character, the game world must seem recognizable in the colors and in the points of interest. We need to be captured by what we see, so the technical details should not be overlooked too much.

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Needless to say, the graphic differences between the two titles are palpable, in some cases deliberately. Starting a game of Fortnite BR takes very little time; once a game is finished, another one can be started straight away without having to wait much. A technical detail that makes PUBG envious, where instead waiting times are more dilated.

PUBG’s atmospheres count for more variety in terms of maps and show more realistic, smoother shades. They are often modeled in such a way as to make it more difficult to identify enemies, sometimes creating difficulties for the players. Fortnite BR, on the other hand, has chosen a creative approach with a cartoon theme. A matter of styles and tastes, but we cannot fail to recognize that the latter is better optimized on a technical level than its competitor, guaranteeing greater stability.

The lack of a more immersive environment, however, is compensated in PUBG by the possibility of alternating the third-person view, while Fortnite BR allows you to play only in Third View . From this point of view, shooting in Fortnite BR is easier than in PUBG, thanks to the overall fluidity of its gameplay, which is therefore better suited to those approaching video games in this category as a beginner, while sacrificing some of the realism of PUBG.

On the crest of the wave or upstream?

Ultimately, Fornite is distinguished by a dynamic gaming action, but still suitable for casual players, allows you to interact tastefully with the setting and gives the player some flexibility in terms of strategic variations, maximizing fun. On the other hand, PUBG prefers a more concrete approach, also in terms of the functioning of the weapons, so it is better suited to more experienced and precise players. It also allows a high character customization, even if the overall gameplay is slower in comparison.

To date, Fortnite BR is still experiencing its peak season, which guarantees an abundant variety of players that can be encountered – some directly migrated from PUBG – and a team attentive to the continuous optimization of game servers to offer better performance. Therefore, if you are at the beginning with this genre and you are curious to experience the eventful action of a Battle Royale themed shooter, starting with investing only your time, rather than your money, could prove to be the most satisfying choice.


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