Google Pixel 3a Could Have The Same Camera And Cost Half As Pixel 3


Google Pixel 3 is one of the best cameras on the market, so a phone with the same camera for half the price could attract the attention of consumers. That is what Google wants to present us in the Google I / O of 2019, according to the latest leaks: a new Pixel 3a of $ 400.

This mid-range Google Pixel would come in two sizes: Pixel 3a, 5.6 inches, and Pixel 3a XL, 6 inches. Unlike the high-end Pixel 3, which had a glass cover, the new Pixel 3a would have a plastic body and come in three colors: white, black and almost-purple.

According to Droid Life , the rear camera looks like the same one we found in the Pixel 3, with a Dual Pixel sensor of 12.2 megapixels and all the magic of Google software, including the autofocus in motion, the portrait mode and the Night Vision mode (in addition to unlimited storage in Google Photos). The front camera has an 8 MP sensor and a single lens.

Inside we found the same 4GB of RAM that Pixel 3 had, but with a processor more consistent with its price: the Snapdragon 670. According to This is Tech Today , the Pixel 3a will have a 1080p screen, headphone jack, and speakers at the bottom edge pointing down.

Both the Pixel 3a and the Pixel 3a XL would come in options of 64 and 128 GB of storage, with batteries of 3000 and 3700 mAh, respectively. The two would have a rear fingerprint reader and active borders to invoke Google Assistant by pressing the bottom of the phone.

Rumors put the price of Google Pixel 3a at 400 dollars, and that of the Pixel 3a XL at $ 480. Both would leave the factory on May 7 with Android 9.0 Pie. Google guarantees three years of operating system updates.