Avengers Game Will Have Epic Boss Battles

Avengers Game Will Have Epic Boss Battles

Crystal Dynamics continues to contract en masse for its next ambitious project: a series of Avengers video games.

The project was announced in 2017, but only last year did it begin to gain traction, with Crystal Dynamics announcing that it would open a new studio to assist in the development of Avengers.

No official details have yet been revealed, but recent job offers for various positions in the new studio provide little information, namely that Avengers will be a third-person action/adventure game with epic boss battles.

“Do you live to draw integrating stories, characters, player and enemy skills into epic battles with bosses? Crystal Dynamics is looking for an AI / Combat design that has a passion for drawing the best battles with bosses in AAA games,” says the job offer.

“The ideal candidate will be skilled at building encounters with enemies and bosses in action-adventure games that are grounded in a fictional world.”

The job offer for a Combat Systems Designer further reveals that the game will have things like “weapons and tools for the player, cover and mechanics based on melee combat”.

Crystal Dynamics is also looking for a Narrative Director who will be responsible for “collaborating with the design and narrative disciplines to create memorable, emotional, and cinematic experiences.”

The Avengers game continues to date with no release date. With the next consoles on the horizon, will it still be released in this generation?