Capcom Wants To Create More Japanese Games With Style For The Global Market

In the latest report delivered to investors and analysts, Capcom spoke of its plans for the future and how it intends to develop games that appeal to global audiences.

Capcom believes that high-resolution graphics, artificial intelligence, and immersion in virtual reality will allow for more realism, something you’re going to bet on, but do not want to do without your Japanese identity.

” In recent years, as the domestic market matures, additional efforts to increase sales in major foreign markets have become essential to sustain sustained growth, so the company will develop and sell games that appeal to a variety of consumer needs, including games popular abroad, thus increasing consumer satisfaction and ensuring a competitive advantage. “

The company intends to focus more on eSports and will strengthen its existing divisions that are succeeding, to create a more cohesive and more efficient environment, strengthening the value of the company.

Series such as Devil May Cry, Mega Man, Monster Hunter, Resident Evil and Street Fighter were referred to by Capcom as examples to follow due to their potential to inspire products outside the video game industry.

However, he will continue to work on these series to present more titles that please the players. Capcom speaks especially to games “Japanese in style”, capable of pleasing worldwide audiences.

” The development of the foreign market will become crucial to promote growth strategies as the domestic market matures. The Japanese games, along with animation and manga are collectively referred to as ‘Japan fixe’ and have gained popularity among young people around the world, becoming a common global language. “

“The company already owns several popular games abroad, including Resident Evil and Street Fighter, which have become Hollywood movies, and with the growing number of Monster Hunter: World fans in the promising Asian market, we aim to aggressively promote the global expansion to create more business opportunities. “

In addition to these acclaimed properties, Capcom owns several others that are dormant and capable of bringing “cool Japan” to global audiences. Which series would you like to have back?