More Than 150 Riot Games Employees Protest Against Sexist Culture And Forced Arbitration


A large group of Riot Games officials yesterday protested against the company’s policies, including forced arbitration and the absence of measures to eliminate the sexist culture in the studio.

The Kotaku reports that more than 150 staff left yesterday of the Riot Games office in Los Angeles in a protest that seeks to put pressure on the company’s leaders to abolish forced arbitration, a policy that prevents employees from taking the company to court.

Forced arbitration, included in current employee contracts, is the biggest complaint at this time against Riot Games, limiting the legal options of its employees when they are victims of discrimination and sexual harassment at work.

The group demands that Riot Games is committed to canceling forced arbitration until May 16, otherwise, they will carry out new protest plans. The sexist culture of the studio, which has given talks in recent months, is another complaint.

The sexist culture of Riot Games has been exposed in a Kotaku article. Since then the company has allegedly made efforts to dismantle this crop, but in protest, several officials confessed that they have not yet seen an indicator that the situation is better.

This is the first time a protest of this kind has taken place in a video game company, although by the end of 2018 about 20,000 Google employees have made a similar protest for the same reason: abolish forced arbitration.

Months later Google announced that it would abolish forced arbitration, but only in cases of harassment.