Resident Evil 2 Hits Capcom’s Expectations


Capcom spoke of outdated expectations in Resident Evil 2 remake and strong performance of Devil May Cry 5 in its most recent financial report.

In the same report where he spoke of his willingness to create stylish Japanese games for a global audience, Capcom spoke of delivering his latest releases.

“The popularity of Resident Evil 2 surpassed expectations and led the company’s performance. Devil May Cry 5 was targeting foreign markets and also had a strong performance, supported by consistent demand.”

More recent data has indicated that more than 4 million units of Resident Evil 2 remake and 2 million units of Devil May Cry 5 have been sold, but Capcom has not updated these numbers.

Capcom also talked about sales of the Monster Hunter series, which continue to generate revenue for the company, especially Monster Hunter: World – referred to as “a phenomenal success in the previous fiscal year, which has maintained its popularity by growing the number of players.”

The company highlighted the performance of Monster Hunter: World on Steam and talks about robust sales for Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch after the release outside Japan.

Mega Man 11 and Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection were also highlighted for their performance, while Resident Evil 7 was praised for its higher-margin digital sales.