Verstappen Changes Engine After The Problem In FP1


Max Verstappen received a power unit change after suffering an oil loss in the first practice of the Spanish Grand Prix.

The Dutchman had started the day with Specification 1, an engine he used in the first three Grand Prix of the season.

The team had planned to change the engines of Verstappen and Pierre Gasly, his teammate, to Specification 2 of Baku to have them from Saturday’s practice in Spain, but for the Dutch, this change had to be advanced.

The problem at the door for Red Bull Racing is that the loss of oil could be a sign of a serious inconvenience that means that Verstappen Specification 1 can no longer be used.

If that ends up being the case, the engine could be discarded earlier than planned and thus bring Verstappen to suffer penalties later in the season.

“We changed the power unit of Max’s car after the oil loss that occurred during the FP1,” said Toyoharu Tanabe, Honda’s F1 boss.

“Both cars started FP1 with Specification 1 with the plan to change tonight to Specification 2, so Max’s engine change has just happened one session earlier than planned.”

“Pierre continues with Specification 1 for FP2 and it will be changed to 2 tonight, as is the original plan, we are going to carry out an investigation to find out the cause of the loss of oil.”