PlayStation 5: Price And Release Date Confirmations


The PlayStation 5 should arrive in November 2020 at a price of around $499. Here are the probable features and the latest news

10 May 2019 – The successor to the most popular Sony console ever, namely the PS4, will arrive in November 2020 and the price will be $ 499. These are the latest news on PlayStation 5 reported by Hideki Yasuda, an analyst at the Research Division of Ace Securities. Yasuda is an authoritative source in Japan, where it deals with the analysis of the electronics market with a particular focus on the gaming world.

The analyst also predicts that PS5 will sell very well right away: 6 million pieces by the end of the first quarter of 2021, which will reach 21 million pieces sold by March 31, 2022. According to Yasuda, therefore, Sony PS5 will not suffer the most from Google Stadia or other online gaming platforms. We recall, in this regard, that Google has decided to present Stadia with the slogan ” The future of video games is not a console ” and, if in Mountain View they are right, Sony could do a lot of effort to replicate the sales data of its previous consoles.

PS5: SSD and other technical specifications

A few weeks ago, however, we learned directly from Mark Cerny (PS4 Lead System Architect who is also working on the development of the PS5) that the next Sony console will have first level technical features. Among them, the SSD disk stands out, which will dramatically reduce the loading time of video games and scene changes. For the rest the PS5 will be a console largely based on AMD technology: the CPU will be an AMD Zen 2 at 7 nm (and maybe will have 16 cores), while the GPU will be an AMD Navi. Both of these chips will hit the market in the third quarter of 2019 and, soon after, they will become part of the PS5 hardware. The new Sony console, thanks to these and other components, should support the 8K resolution(certainly for videos, we still don’t know for real-time graphics of games) and even three-dimensional audio. The only big doubt still unresolved on the PS5 hardware is that related to the amount of RAM. The PS5, therefore, will not be a simple upgrade of the PS4 Pro but a completely new machine on which to run new generation games even if, it is good to remember, the backward compatibility with the PS4 will be guaranteed.

PS5: Will Sony really sell so many?

Going back to Yasuda’s forecasts, however, one wonders if those relating to sales are so credible. It must be said, in fact, that despite the PS4 is an excellent console, sales (data updated at the end of January 2019) are still at 94 million pieces. Which are not few and are certainly more than the 86 million PS3 sold. But they are far less than the 157 million items scored by the PS2 which remains, at the moment, the best-selling Sony console ever. And most likely it will remain, given that November 2020 is just around the corner and many will be in the coming months not to buy a PS4 and save money for the PS5. Unless Google is right when it says that the future of gaming does not come from a console.