WhatsApp, You Can Chat With Those Who Blocked Us With This Trick


One of the main features of  WhatsApp is the failure to close conversations. On the messaging platform, chats are always open and can even be considered closed even when the blocking system is presented between two different interlocutors.

WhatsApp, with a group and an accomplice you can talk to those who blocked us

There are many – more than they seem – conversations that lead to the block of one of the two protagonists. The blockade, according to what are the most common experiences, occurs whenever the tones are raised or a quarrel is made with a friend and acquaintance. The rules of WhatsApp leave no escape routes: the rules state that when you are blocked by a contact on WhatsApp there is no hope of returning to communicate unless you change your mind about it.

But the rules are meant to be broken. There are many tutorials on the web explaining how to contact friends who have blocked us. However, most of these tutorials are to be considered useless, since the solution is already in the home. To succeed in the objective it is necessary to use a  group and an accomplice

A friend in common can help us contact a common acquaintance who has blocked us. The common friend will only have to create the group with our number and with that of the contact person. The group chat created by a third person allows you to bypass the blocking system and allow everyone to read the messages of others.