GTA 5 Does Not Stop Selling And Reaches 110 Million Units

Almost six years after the release of the original PS3 and Xbox 360 versions, Grand Theft Auto 5 continues to sell an impressive number of units every quarter, eclipsing even more recent games.

Further evidence of Grand Theft Auto 5’s strength was given in the revelation of Take-Two Interactive’s financial results. The publisher announced that the game created by Rockstar Games reached 110 million units sold.

In August 2018 we learned that the game was close to reaching 100 million units. Based on this knowledge, we know that since then up to now more than 10 million units have been sold. It’s an incredible performance for a game with almost six years.

In the release of financial results Take-Two Interactive also revealed that 43 million Borderlands games have already been sold, of which 20 million belong to Borderlands 2.

NBA2K19 was described as the game with the best performance ever in the series, but Civilization VI was another highlight of the quarter thanks to the unexpected popularity of the version for the Nintendo Switch.

Despite the gaming business for consoles and PC delivering positive results, Take-Two Interactive has announced plans to have a greater presence in the mobile market. His Social Point studio is already working on ten new games and there are plans to also bet on applications and spinoffs.