Disney acquires Hulu and gets closer to controlling Hollywood

Disney continues to add more companies to its shopping bag that seems to have no bottom.

In recent years Disney bought LucasFilms and consequently the rights to Star Wars, Marvel and its huge array of superheroes and super-villains, and recently completed the purchase of 20th Century Fox, a movie company with lots of known properties and worshiped.

This week Disney added Hulu, a streaming service series and movies, to the list of companies it bought. The deal was completed on Tuesday morning and gives full control of the Disney service.

With the purchase of 20th Century Fox, Disney has already had a considerable share of Hulu. It now has a 67 percent share of the company. The remaining 33 percent still belong to Comcast.

The agreement between Disney and Comcast, which is valid until 2024, dictates that the former can buy the rest of the shares after that period. The agreement also says that Comcast has to make NBC Universal’s content available on the service by 2024.

With its latest acquisitions, Disney is already Hollywood’s most powerful company. As rivals now only Universal Studios and Warner Bros, which has the rights to the films of DC Comics comic strips.