Rage 3 Is Already in the Mind of ID Software


RAGE 2 has just hit the stores and will be backed up with additional content over the next few months, but those responsible for the game are already thinking further.

In conversation with the Hollywood Reporter, Tim Willits, leader of id Software, who enlisted Avalanche Studios’ help to work on this new Bethesda game, suggested that, unlike what happened between the original and the sequel, you will not have to wait 8 years by RAGE 3.

Asked about the desire for RAGE 3, Willits had no problem saying yes, who wants to develop this game.

“Yes, it’s the answer to that question,” Willits said.

“We always love this property because it is a very fun scenario. We can do what we want. We get to talk about putting together giant cockroaches. What other game allows a conversation where this is a legitimate conversation. It’s a crazy series, fun and exciting, I hope can create a third party as quickly as possible. “

Willits did not share any more about his plans for RAGE 3, but given that RAGE 2 has just hit stores, it is understandable that for now, it will focus on supporting its launch.