Minecraft Becomes the Best-Selling Game Ever


Minecraft has become a major brand in the world of video games. The indie game was able to capture the attention of gamers around the world and become a gigantic phenomenon, to the point of creating a series of spin-off games and even a cinematographic adaptation based on it.

So it’s not really news that Minecraft sales have been extremely high. However, the most impressive thing is that the game has surpassed Tetris in sales and occupy the first place as the best selling game of all time.

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of Minecraft, Microsoft has confirmed that block sales now stand at 176 million units – given that the latest Tetris data points to 170 million units sold, this means that technically, Minecraft has become the best-selling game ever.

Still, according to the gamesindustry, Minecraft may not be the best-selling game since the latest data from Tetris sales goes back to 2014, which means the outlook may have changed in the last 5 years. In addition, the company behind Tetris does not disclose sales numbers, which means that information reported by third parties has not been confirmed by the company.

In any case, it is a huge success for Microsoft, which intends to continue and expand the Minecraft brand with the latest game in the saga, Minecraft Earth.