The Division 2: Console Players Can Not Finish the Raid


The first raid in The Division 2 continues to be controversial and players are asking Ubisoft to make adjustments after two days with no team to succeed.

Operation Dark Hours was completed five hours after its arrival by a team on the PC – but no team on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One managed to finish it.

Because? Much of the difficulty in consoles is related to the aim and slower movement when compared to the mouse and keyboard on the PC. The last boss of the Raid requires reactions in a matter of seconds and a lot of aim per second. On consoles, this challenge proved to be unbeatable, while on PC, teams with veteran players are finishing the raid in an hour.

Faced with this, console players want Massive to apply significant changes to how raids work on consoles – not only in terms of difficulty but also in terms of mechanics.

“Instead of introducing nerfs to enemies at a time when things are still fresh, they should apply changes to console versions to make up for the differences over the PC version,” says Viper114 on Reddit.

“Changes that do not affect the essence of the encounters, but instead allow console players a better chance of succeeding in the face of hardware failures. Something like slightly greater vulnerability moments when the boss can be damaged, maybe a second or two more. Maybe something else. ”

One of the problems highlighted by the players is that the raid seems to have been created for 8 DPS builds, with little room for a team with strategic or alternative builds that could focus on healing or, for example, being a tank.

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“Aside from the gear being designed for DPS, none of the skills or skill mods truly allow group dynamics,” says Born2beSlicker.

“There’s nothing like the restore box of the first game, and Pulse is not viable either because there are not enough AoE skills for a buff to your team, the shield is not good for a tank just as the pistols are not good enough for damage.”

The hope of some gamers is that programmers separate balance updates for PCs and consoles. Many games have done this in the past, including the recent Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, so it’s not an unprecedented thing.

The raid of The Division 2 is so difficult on consoles that it’s becoming a kind of joke and the memes have already begun to emerge.

This is what the raid looks like on console! from thedivision

Ubisoft has not yet reacted officially, but if no team can finish the raid on consoles, it may have to intervene.