Epic Games Store Blocks Accounts That Buy Multiple Games in a Row


The Epic Games Store is currently hosting “Epic Mega Sale”, a promotion in which you can buy a wide variety of games at a lower price than normal. Given this situation, it is perfectly normal for consumers to buy multiple games in a row.

However, the Epic Games store is unprepared to deal with the situation. Patrick Boivin, better known on Twitch as “Angriest Pat,” complained on Twitter that his store account was blocked after buying several games.

In the post below, Patrick Boivin shows evidence that his account has been blocked, being unable to buy more games.

But what happened? In another publication, Patrick Boivin found that the account was blocked after buying five straight games (priced between $ 5 and $ 50). By doing this, your account was classified as possibly fraudulent.

In response to this, Epic Games explained that the measure is the result of aggressive rules against fraud. If other people are locked out, please contact Epic Games support.