George RR Martin Was a Consultant in a Japanese Game

George RR Martin Was a Consultant in a Japanese Game

George RR Martin, a writer for “A Song of Fire and Ice” – which was adapted for television series as “Game of Thrones”, reacted to the end of the series and ended up giving strength to rumors that emerged at the end of March.

These rumors advanced the possibility of From Software, known by Sekiro and Dark Souls, to have collaborated with the writer in a new game of medieval fantasy, that could be revealed in the E3 2019.

So far, From Software has not officially commented on this collaboration, but Martin confirmed in his message that he was a consultant in a video game being developed in Japan.

With this little phrase, where he talks about his future works and projects, Martin gave strength to the rumors presented at the end of March by Spawn Wave, who spoke about the role of Martin in this new open world game.

The author of “A Song of Fire and Ice” has helped bring the world to life, in the writing of the narrative and the characters, and is still one of the main responsible for how the world evolves around you.

To reinforce the rumor, Gematsu says it has been informed by its sources that the project is known internally as GR and has been in development for three years as an open world game in which you can ride a horse to travel.

This GR is a collaboration between Hidetaka Miyazaki and George RR Martin which will be unveiled at E3 2019 by Bandai Namco.