God of War Sales over 10 Million


God of War, Sony’s acclaimed game that hit stores in April 2018, has sold more than 10 million units.

Celebrated as a win of the singleplayer games and awarded with several Game of the Year titles, the PlayStation 4 exclusive managed to surpass an important milestone.

In addition to critical acclaim, Sony’s Santa Monica Studio game saw the caring of the players being turned into sales.

To date, Sony had only revealed that God of War sold over 3.1 million units during the first three days and that in the first month more than 5 million units were sold.

Now we have the update that sold 5 million units after May 2018.

During the Sony IR Day 2019 presentation, the company also talked about PS5 and how it will allow playing physical, digital and streaming games.

Sony has also demonstrated how the new technology and the ultra-fast SSD of the PS5 enable super fast loadings.