PS5 – Sony Shows Super Fast Loadings


During the recent Sony IR Day 2019, held in Tokyo, Japan, Sony talked about the PlayStation 5 and the kind of experiences it will bring to consumers.

Kenichiro Yoshida, CEO, and President of Sony presented to investors and analysts the main guidelines set for PlayStation – a console that will allow experiments at a higher level.

In addition to talking about the various formats supported by the console, which will be backward compatible with the PS4, Yoshida spoke about the two words of order: immersion and uninterrupted.

With an ultra-fast, custom SSD, combined with greater computing power, the PS5 will make loading screens a thing of the past and the example presented here was once again Spider-Man from Insomniac Game.

As you can see in the video below, a loading of 8 seconds on the PS4 Pro is transformed into a loading of less than 1 second on the PS5 – an impressive feat that reduces immense waiting time in an open world game.

Sony wants to keep the slogan “PlayStation is the Best Place to Play” with PS5 and hopes to combine breakthroughs in computing, streaming, and cloud to make it a reality.

Jim Ryan of Sony Interactive Entertainment added that the PS5 will come with the “power of new technology to deliver completely transformative and engaging game experiences.”

Ryan further notes that backward compatibility will serve a faster transition to the next generation and promises to provide a highly stable development environment for the studios.