PS5 Will Allow Rapid and Easy Transition Between Generations

PS5 Will Allow Rapid and Easy Transition Between Generations

Sony believes that the PlayStation 5 will allow the fastest transition ever seen between its consoles.

During the recent Sony IR Day 2019, held in Tokyo, Japan, Sony talked about the PlayStation 5 and the key philosophies it will present with its next-generation console.

One of Sony’s biggest bets on the PS5 will be this quick and easy transition between generations, especially since the console will be equipped with several tools made with that in mind.

In addition to talking about the various supported formats and fast loadings that the PS5 will achieve, Jim Ryan of Sony Interactive Entertainment talked about this important transition.

Sony will use backward compatibility to “transition our community to the next generation faster and more easily than previously seen,” he says.

Previously, Sony had commented on the possibility of releasing their next two-generation exclusive, but backward compatibility with PS4 and streaming services could ensure that everything you buy on your current console will be within reach on PS5.

Ryan added that the PS5 will come with the “power of new technology to deliver completely transformative and engaging game experiences,” one of the console’s main mottos.