PS5 Will Have Games on Blu-Ray, Download and Streaming


If you’re one of those people who still prefer to have the games physically, neatly tidied up on the shelf, then you can rest assured about the PS5. Sony has revealed that in the next generation will continue to bet on the physical format.

In announcing its financial results marking the end of the fiscal year 2019, Sony said it believes in “player choice”. That’s why in the next generation Blu-Ray games will be offered by download and also through streaming (with PS Now service).

The digital format has grown in video games at an unstoppable pace in recent years, but Sony wants to cover 99 percent of gamers with its console and not just 1 percent. In this way, the games will be available in multiple formats.

The PS5 has not yet been officially unveiled, but little by little, Sony begins to share more details. Among these details are backward compatibility with PS4 games and a high-speed SSD drive to minimize game loadings.