The Xbox One Was Announced 6 Years Ago

The Xbox One Was Announced 6 Years Ago

After leading the generation of Xbox 360, Microsoft was poised to get big on the current generation of consoles.

The console we now know as Xbox One was officially unveiled on May 21, 2013, in an event that would generate immense controversy, controversy, and memes.

After winning players around the world with its second Xbox, Microsoft announced its entry into the next generation with a console called Xbox One.

An even bigger bet on Kinect, a number of contentious policies (DRM, always online and others), a focus on multimedia entertainment and the relentless repetition of words like “TV” and “Sports,” plunged the fan base into a panic.

Don Mattrick has become a figure that few will forget and much due to this presentation that celebrates now 6 years.

Below you can see the presentation of the Xbox One, during which Microsoft seems to have forgotten that the Xbox is a console, mainly dedicated to video games.


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