THQ Has 80 Games in Development and One of Them Is from the Creators of Metro

Metro- Exodus

THQ Nordic has announced a new agreement with 4A Games to become the publisher of its next project.

The studio in charge of the Metro series, which is currently developing the expansions for Metro: Exodus, is working on a “still unrevealed AAA project”.

THQ Nordic has confirmed that this is one of 48 games to support and have not yet been announced.

In total, THQ Nordic, Deep Silver and Coffee Stain Studios have a total of 80 games in development.

Within this number will certainly be new games to Piranha Bytes, the latest hiring of THQ Nordic that has joined the creators of Gothic, Risen, and Elex.

This acquisition includes the development studio and all rights to its intellectual property.

Piranha Bytes will remain an independent studio, focused on the development of videogames with total creative