Days Gone Gets 10GB Upgrade

Days Gone Gets 10GB Upgrade

Days Gone is Sony’s latest intellectual property, a PlayStation 4 exclusive that is thriving.

Since its launch in late April, Days Gone has remained among the best-selling games on several weekly sales charts.

Thinking of those players who have embraced the potential of the Deacon St. John adventure, Sony’s Bend Studio continues to feature bug fixes and improved performance.

The latest update puts Days Gone in its version 1.09 and second shared by Bend, its purpose is to fix small bugs and improve some elements.

With 10GB, this update v1.09 corrects a problem related to the secondary missions “Marauder Camp Hunter”, improves the lighting in the boss fight in Crater Lake and corrects several bugs.

Days Gone has received several updates throughout its first month of life, but Bend Studio aims to slow down with the pace of updates, to present more fixes, features, and optimizations with each update.