Days Gone – Open World Was Made by 6 People

Days Gone - Open World Was Made by 6 People

Sony Bend Studio answered questions from fans about Days Gone, their recent exclusive PlayStation 4 that is winning sales charts around the world, and shared some trivia.

In a question-and-answer session on Reddit, Bend Studio talked about Sony’s latest intellectual property and how this relatively unknown studio has today faced some challenges.

Eric Jensen, the game designer, revealed an amazing curiosity about the open world of Days Gone and how it was built by only 6 people.

Asked about what makes him proud in Days Gone, Jensen replied that the dynamic and diverse open world is what makes him proud, especially given the limitations of the studio.

“The thing I’m most proud of is how dynamic and diverse we’ve been able to make the world open, with such a small open-world design team (5-6 people),” said Jensen.

“We had to be smart and efficient with all our design choices, knowing the limitations of manpower. Seeing all the crazy videos and images that people have put forth about the open world attacking Deacon or even the interaction with himself has been incredibly spectacular for the team! “

Days Gone is available as a PlayStation 4 exclusive and this statement from Jensen certainly puts into perspective the breadth of Sony Bend Studio and the achievement they have made.