Microsoft Renews Xbox Game Bar for Windows 10

Microsoft Renews Xbox Game Bar for Windows 10

Microsoft renewed the Xbox Game Bar for Windows 10.

“As part of our efforts and commitment to improving the gaming experience in Windows 10, we want to bring in highly-requested features based on feedback from PC gamers,” Microsoft says.

The Xbox Game Bar is customizable and works almost every PC game. Accessing the bar (just click on the Win + G keys) you can control your Spotify music, find new friends, and talk to friends on PC, Mobile, and Xbox.

The integration with Spotify is one of the new features of the Xbox Game Bar. In the bar, you will find a Spotify Widget where you can enter with your account. You will also find an Audio Widget where you can quickly change the volume of the various applications running at the same time.

Through capturing images and gameplay you can also create memes quickly. In the Capture Widget, you can add text to the images you have captured to create a meme. Then you can share the meme by message with your friends and on Twitter.

Games that may not be compatible with the Xbox Game Bar are those with the Vulkan API, warns Microsoft. In these cases, you’ll have to run the game in Jane mode for the Xbox Game Bar to appear.