Sony President Says Console Market Is Niche

Sony President Says Console Market Is Niche

Sony and Microsoft have surprised the video game industry by announcing a collaboration focused on developing streaming technology for services and video games.

The partnership, announced last week by Microsoft, will allow Sony to use Azure for its streaming services and aims to improve the way consumers enjoy their content – which includes building better development platforms for creators of content.

As expected, this collaboration is raising immense interest and even Phil Spencer, boss of the Xbox division at Microsoft, shared his enthusiasm for what it will represent for the future of the industry.

In the latest presentation to his investors and analysts, in which he talked about the easy and quick transition between generations that the PS5 will allow consumers, Sony was asked about the partnership with Microsoft and Kenichiro Yoshida, president and CEO of Sony, said goes far beyond videogames.

In a question and answer session, thank you ResetEra, Yoshida was asked about the importance of this collaboration and the importance of the video game industry to Sony, but he says it is a niche market.

“As we speak, we provide, as I said, immersive experiences and business is something we would like to continue to put importance on. Looking at the video game industry as a whole, the console market is not a big market, in fact, it’s a niche market, so to speak. “

“But for dedicated players, immersive experiences are something we’d like to value.”

“In this regard, for now, the console has something to do with computing functionality that is very important for users, but on the other hand, technology will progress and, as it said today, Remote Play and PlayStation Now, streaming will work in parallel, that’s what we’re doing right now. “

Yoshida’s words probably refer to the sale of consoles and the value they represent in a market increasingly focused on the digital side and services, but still promise to be divisive and controversial words.