Director of Sonic Mania May Have Been Recruited to Assist in Sonic’s Movie

Director of Sonic Mania May Have Been Recruited to Assist in Sonic's Movie

Paramount Pictures has allowed Jeff Fowler and his team to postpone Sonic: The Movie for 2020 so they can work on design improvements for the blue hedgehog – highly criticized by the community.

Fowler revealed that the film will not debut in November 2019 and the new date chosen is February 14, 2020, which will enable the team to focus on improving the look of Sonic after the huge controversy that has set in.

The message shared by the director of the film in social networks was accompanied by an image where you can see Sonic holding a signal with the new date and second fans of Sonic, with hawk eyes, this art suggests the possible inclusion of the director of Sonic Mania in the movie.

Some fans of Sonic looked at the art style, especially the blue and Sonic’s hand, to compare with other works and believe this confirms the involvement of Tyson Hesse.

Hesse is the director of the acclaimed Sonic Mania and created several illustrations for the game that returned Sonic to the state of grace.

In March 2019, following the revelation of Sonic’s design in the film, Hesse introduced a new Sonic art where you can see the character designed to the design style chosen for the film.

This Hesse art, which you can see below, shows your interpretation of Sonic’s controversial design in the film and how it could be improved with some adjustments, especially with a more appealing feature.

That same image has become evidence that Hesse is helping Fowler’s team redesign the hedgehog.

Hesse has not confirmed that he is working on the Sonic movie to help Paramount please fans, but his response is in the same to be regarded as a confirmation.

Again through Twitter, Hesse shared an image of the moment when Tony Stark reveals to the world that he is the Iron Man, something that seems to be a kind of confession for his role in the improvement of Sonic in the film.

The community believes Hesse has drawn the two images and already asks him to “fix Sonic in the movie”.