Gearbox CEO Accused of Sharing Animal Cruelty on Twitter

Gearbox CEO Accused of Sharing Animal Cruelty on Twitter

Randy Pitchford, the CEO of Gearbox Software, seems to be a natural magnet for controversy. After being accused of receiving a $ 12 million secret bonus and having assaulted the voice actor of Borderlands’ Claptrap character, the CEO is once again embroiled in criticism.

Over the weekend Randy Pitchford thought it would be funny to share a video of a cat being nipped by the tweezers of a huge crab but was quickly accused of sharing animal cruelty on Twitter. The problem with video is that the situation seems to have been triggered by the person filming.

The video shows a curious cat playing with its paw in the crab claw, but the second animal snapped back by clawing the claw on the animal’s paw. The cat was extremely distressed and spinning wildly on the ground. The people who were recording the video celebrated and laughed.

Mat Piscatella, one of the NPD analysts, was one of the first people in the industry to criticize the sharing of Randy Pitchford. “I had to block Pitchford because it’s sharing videos that have animal cruelty.” Surreal, “Piscatella said.

The reactions to the video that Randy Pitchford shared