Project xCloud May Have More Than 3500 Games

Project xCloud May Have More Than 3500 Games

Microsoft Project xCloud has the ability to have more than 3500 games in the catalog.

Kareem Choudhry, vice president of Cloud Gaming at Microsoft, drew attention to this in a text published in the Xbox News to promote the streaming service that will be available soon for user testing.

“Today you can play three generations of spectacular games on Xbox One. This means Project xCloud has the technical ability to stream more than 3,500 games without any changes or modifications needed by the producer,” Kareem wrote.

“In other words, producers will be able to dramatically scale their existing games across all devices without additional development, without additional code, base maintenance or separate updates.”

Basically, producers do not need to do anything to make their game supported by Project xCloud. When you release the update for an Xbox One game, the xCloud version will be updated automatically.

“There are over 1900 games in development for Xbox One and everyone can run on Project xCloud. Producers creating these games can continue to work normally – building with the tools they have – while working to make their games as accessible as possible for the most players. ”

Microsoft promises to reveal more Project xCloud news soon.