Tencent Games New Game Is Unbelievably Similar to Days Gone

Tencent Games revealed during the weekend one of the games that are currently in production. The game is called “代号: 生机”, which according to the Google translator is the equivalent of “Code: Live”.

The first impression we had to watch the trailer is how similar the game is with Days Gone, the exclusive for PS4 that was released in April. There are hordes of zombies, the world has a similar aesthetic and the characters can ride a motorcycle.

But the games are not exactly the same. Code: Live is a cooperative mode online game where you can collaborate with friends to fight against the zombie hordes. Days Gone is a totally single-player game.

Watch the Code: Live trailer below.

If you’re not convinced of the similarities that exist with Days Gone, you can watch the comparative video below the KOO KO channel (jumps to 4:45). The video also shows that the Tencent Games game was pretty much inspired by State of Decay, an Xbox One exclusive.