Giant Monster Is Found on the Map of Fortnite

Giant Monster Is Found on the Map of Fortnite

If you thought Epic Games was running out of ideas for Fortnite, the latest breakthrough might make you change your mind.

At Polar Peak, in the snowy area of ​​the map, there is an iceberg that was hit by a volcanic rock at the end of Season 8, resulting in some cracks in the surface of the ice. In addition, with the update v9.10, there were some noises coming from the ice, which began to start more and more.

Now that more ice has come off the surface of the iceberg, fans have discovered something truly interesting that, as expected, is giving rise to a number of theories: if you go to the back of Polar Peak, you can find a globe giant ocular trapped on the ice. As if that were not peculiar enough, the eye blinks looks around the map and even in your direction if you approach.

Check the following eye already:

Fans presume it could be the monster Leviathan, whose rumors of its existence date back to Season 3, or even a boss that players can defeat together in the future. Another theory reveals that it may still be Godzilla, as the iconic monster’s new movie has just made its debut in theaters.

Have you found the eye yet? What will it serve?