You Can Only Play Super Mario Maker 2 Online with Strangers

You Can Only Play Super Mario Maker 2 Online with Strangers

Nintendo is a company known for its ability to create fun, accessible and timeless experiences, but on the other hand, it also has a reputation for making bizarre decisions that make everyone look confused.

Super Mario Maker 2 is yet another case where one of these bizarre decisions was made. According to Nintendo World Report, which quotes a statement from a Nintendo representative, you will not be able to play Super Mario Maker 2 Online with your friends.

The addition of an online mode is one of the key features of the sequel, but for some reason that escapes us at the moment, Nintendo will only allow you to play the online mode with strangers in both competitive and cooperative mode.

It is understandable that in competitive online mode Nintendo wants to maintain randomness of opponents (a way to avoid manipulation of scoring tables), however, the online cooperative mode does not have any associated scoring table.

To play with your friends you will have the local mode, but for this, your friends have to be physically at your side. The local mode works on a single console or four consoles connected by local wireless.

Super Mario Maker 2 will be released on June 28 for the Nintendo Switch.