Death Stranding Is Not a Stealth Game, Says Kojima

Death Stranding Is Not a Stealth Game, Says Kojima

The revelation of the new trailer for Death Stranding went exactly as expected in a game by Hideo Kojima – left more questions than answers.

Scheduled for November 8, 2019, Death Stranding is yet another promising epic of cinematic tones for a Japanese creative who wants to go further and explore unprecedented concepts.

Despite several sequences that make us think of Stealth seen in his previous games, Kojima explains that Death Stranding is not a Stealth game, it is a different and new type of game.

“Death Stranding is not a stealth game,” says Kojima.

” It’s a new type of action game with the concept of connection (strand). I call it Social Strand System, or simply Strand Game .”

After Metal Gear Solid’s “Tactical Espionage Action”, Hideo Kojima leads his Kojima Productions in search of something new, equally ambitious and even more mysterious – the new Social Strand System.