Team Sonic Racing Sold Less Than 6,000 Units in Japan

Team Sonic Racing Sold Less Than 6,000 Units in Japan

Team Sonic Racing is the latest game from Sumo Digital and SEGA, in which Sonic is forced to drive a car into the competition against his friends to become fairer.

Despite the high popularity of the blue mascot SEGA, the game did not get the best of the benefits in the Japanese physical stores, which last week registered the worst week of 2019.

If in the UK the new game sold twice as much Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed and got the first place among the best-selling physical games, in Japan things were slightly different.

In revealing the list of best selling games in Japan, Famitsu showed that Team Sonic Racing was out of the top 10 in a week when Resident Evil Origins Collection for Nintendo Switch was the best debut.

Now Famitsu has unveiled a list of 30 best-selling games and shows us that Team Sonic Racing was 13th in the Switch version (3,339 units sold) and 16th in the PS4 version (2,432 units sold).

They are positions very far from the place that occupied in the United Kingdom, but if you combine sales of the two versions – 5,771 units sold, Team Sonic Racing would get the 4th place.

Still, this performance means that, like in the UK, it has sold twice as much Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, which sold 2,339 units in its PS3 version in May 2014.

Sonic racing games do not seem to be as popular as their platform games, and the Japanese are more delighted with Super Mario racing and friends.

More than two years after its release, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for Nintendo Switch remains among the best selling and in the week of launching the game Sonic, managed to sell more – 7,193 units sold.

It seems that on these sides we like more of Sonic and its colorful races and full of adrenaline.


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