Best App Lockers for your Android phone 2019


Best apps to block your Android phone

The options to block your mobile screen are probably the most rudimentary in terms of security. Using app to lock apps, you will not have to worry about snooping eyes when you’re in certain applications or going to see your pictures without your permission.

Best apps to lock your Android mobile

AppLock (DoMobile Lab)


Applock (known as Lock in the Play Store of Spain) is a popular apps lock app to block with a pattern or password (or with the fingerprint reader in case your phone has one) any application you have on your mobile phone.

It also allows you to change the design of the application unlock screen. Other interesting things is that it does not appear in multitasking and you can hide the application.

It also allows you to create a “photo vault”, that is, you can save your photos there and they will not be shown in the gallery, to see them you will have to access the application. You can also block the gallery, of course.

If the unlocking fails a number of times, it will take a picture of who is trying to unlock your phone. 

Applock (Ivymobile)


Many of the apps lock app that we will see in this post, have the original name “Applock”, so we also indicate your developer in parentheses, this is called Lock Applock Lock in the Play Store in Spanish and its operation is much simpler than the previous.

You install it, you draw a pattern and it lets you put security to the apps you want, although the most popular ones are already predetermined, then in the menu you choose the ones you want and that’s it. It does not have much more, it is the grace of this app, its simplicity if you do not want to complicate your life. This is your app to lock apps.


Applocker (BGNmobi)

AppLocker Lock Apps Fingerprint

Applocker, developed by BGNmobi, is a fairly complete apps lock app. Just start asks you to draw both patterns and unlock pin, then within the application, you can select the one you like, the pattern comes from the default, and the option to unlock with the fingerprint is already activated.

Another thing that asks you are your favorite colors, to personalize with them the unlock screen of the applications.

After the options are enough, you can select the apps you want, of course. And you can select how often you want it to ask you to unlock the applications. 

The problem with this app is that it is somewhat intrusive, and you have a notification that it is working all the time, it has ads that appear to you from time to time even as pop-ups when you unlock the app and it asks you to rate it every time you enter to the app If you want to avoid all this, you will have to go through the box and pay the € 2.99 that is worth the pro version. In any case, it has good options and that is why we believe that we have to recommend it.

Smart AppLock Free (ThinkYeah Mobile)

Smart Applock Free apps lock app is basic and we liked the most, easy to use, we have not seen much intrusion in the application and you can use pattern, password, pin or fingerprint.

By default comes the option that once you have unlocked an application, it will not be unlocked again until the screen is locked, although it can be disabled. You can apply more security options such as calls, installation of apps, etc. and you can customize the unlock background. Quite complete, the truth.

AppLock -Fingerprint (SpSoft)

AppLock- Fingerprint

The last app with AppLock in its name, and the last app to lock apps one on the list. By its name “AppLock – Fingerprint”, developed by SpSoft we have one of the most complete applications.

It allows us to use a pin, pattern or fingerprint, you also have the option to take photos of anyone trying to unlock your phone, and an interesting option not seen so far,  the option to put a false message that the application has been closed instead of the classic unlock screen. If you press to accept it will exit the application, but if you press accept for a second you will have the unlock screen and you can unlock it. Something really useful.

It also allows you to block notifications, in case you do not want them to be displayed easily, and you will have to

Your options are very varied, but to discover everything, we recommend that you install it, and try the number of options it allows. It is possibly one of the things that most will let you do.

These are all the applications that we had to show you. What do you think? Will you install any? Or do you already use them? Have we left something? Talk about it!