Phil Spencer “Reticent” in Putting Games as Exclusive to Game Pass

Phil Spencer

Clearly, Microsoft has focused heavily on its Game Pass, a video game subscription service similar to the way Netflix operates. However, just as Netflix has exclusive products, Phil Spencer was asked if this could happen with the Game Pass.

In response, Phil Spencer said he was “a little reluctant.”

“We’ve had teams come and come up with the idea,” he said. “Surely you’ll have teams coming in and saying, ‘Hey, do not you just want to put something exclusive on the Game Pass, since you can?’ And I get a little reticent about it because I believe the customer wants a choice. Gaming has a history of people who buy their games and, frankly, have a place to download those games so they can play them offline or whatever you like, and I think that’s an important point. 

That said, Spencer believes the Game Pass can boost the medium in other ways, with games that use the service’s signature subscription model to deliver tailor-made experiences for him. Spencer gives the example of episodic games:

“The easiest option is episodic games. I’m not saying that the episodic format is new, but this is not a game based on online services. In fact, it’s a single-player narrative game in which we want time to be one of the things that build drama in the arc of the game’s history. “

That way, Phil Spencer may be interested in creating a Game Pass exclusive as long as it’s something natural and does not look like they’re creating an exclusive simply because they can.

You can read the full interview on Polygon’s website.