Riot Games to be investigated for discrimination by the State of California

Riot Games to be investigated for discrimination by the State of California

Riot Games is being investigated by the state of California on suspicion of gender discrimination in the company.

The investigation has lasted since October and has now been made public with a press release by the California Department of Employment and Housing, accusing Riot Games of not cooperating with the investigation.

DFEH has filed a court order to force Riot Games to deliver payment data to employees so that it can analyze whether or not there is gender discrimination within the company.

The investigation focuses on allegations of unequal pay, sexual harassment, sexual assault, retaliation and gender discrimination in selection and promotion. “The case had already come after a Kotaku exposition, prompting officials to come together and perform peaceful protests.

Although DFEH says that Riot Games is not cooperating, the company has issued a statement of response (via USGamer ) stating that “we have been in active discussions with DFEH since its investigation began” and that “we respond promptly to requests”.

“Investigations like this can arise when there are allegations of disparity at work and we are cooperating in good faith with the DFEH to address their concerns,” said Riot. “During this period, we responded promptly to DFEH’s requests and produced more than 2,500 pages of documents and thousands of payment data lines so far.”

“We have also made several requests for DFEH to take part in a call with us to address your requests. To date, these requests have never been answered, so we are frankly disappointed to see DFEH launching a press release claiming we are not cooperating. We are confident that we have made substantial progress in the diversity, inclusion and company culture, and look forward to continuing to demonstrate this to the DFEH. “