7 Months Later, Bethesda Delivers Fallout 76 Bags

Bethesda Delivers Fallout 76 Bags

Seven months after the release of Fallout 76, Bethesda finally delivered the canvas bags to whoever bought the Power Armor Edition.

For those who have already forgotten, Fallout 76 players who bought this edition costing around € 200 were annoyed to discover that it included a poor quality nylon bag and not the promised canvas bag that came up in the promotional images.

This was one of the biggest controversies surrounding the game’s launch, and it got even worse with some of Bethesda’s bottom line responses, who attributed the difference to the price of the fabric and apologized for a tiny amount of in-game money.

In December 2018, the company said it was making canvas bags to replace the nylon ones and now they started to reach the players.

Andarne shared on Reddit that he already received his and presented images of the final product, including one where he compares the nylon with the new canvas bag.

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“The replacement is pretty decent,” says Andarne.

“I have the original plastic and I must say that the new one is a significant improvement over the old one. The stitching is solid, the letters stand out and have style.”

Here are more images and messages from other customers who already receive your new bag: