A Fan Art Fuses Cap And Iron Man With Green Lantern And Superman

A Fan Art Fuses Cap And Iron Man With Green Lantern And Superman

The monotony, you know, can get tired: it is not impossible therefore that someone, despite the period of bulimia superhero that the cinema is experiencing in the last decade, can get bored with the usual characters Marvel and DC. What to do then?

The answer, as always in these cases, comes from the internet and social media. An Instagram user, in fact, has well thought of brushing up the glories of Amalgam Comics, proposing a mash-up that recalls a lot of styles.

For those who had forgotten it: the Amalgam Comics was a jointly owned company between Marvel and DC, which often published comics starring characters resulting from fanciful mergers between Marvel heroes and DC heroes, in fact. The idea was not too successful: Amalgam Comics closed in 1997, after only one year of activity.

The Instagram user in question, however, seems to remember the spirit well: in the posted image we see a curious union between Iron Man and Green Lantern flanked by one obtained by merging Captain Marvel and Superman. What is the beginning for a crazy Marvel / DC shared universe? Who knows what Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans will think, who have unwittingly lent their faces to the operation!

Avengers: Endgame, meanwhile, is about to return to the room with unpublished scenes, while something special has already been leaked that will be featured in the home video edition.