A Remake Of Twins With Peter Dinklage? Jason Momoa Would Do It Right Away!

Jason Momoa seemed enthusiastic about the idea of ​​reinterpreting, together with Peter Dinklage, one of the strangest and most successful couples in the history of cinema.

At the San Antonio Celebrity Fan Fest, in fact, a fan proposed to Momoa the idea of ​​bringing to the big screen a remake of Twins, the 1988 comedy with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito in the role of two unlikely twins, handsome and naive first, low, shrewd and dishonest the second.

The name of Peter Dinklage, another Game of Thrones star who never shared the set with Momoa, was made by the same fan who launched the proposal to the statuesque actor of Hawaiian origins. Momoa, for her part, did not hide her liking: ” Just tell me where c *** or I have to sign !” he shouted to his interlocutor. ” Absolutely. It would be great, I love that movie!” he then concluded Momoa.

Who knows that, given the actor’s reaction, someone can’t really think of putting on an operation like this: Would Momoa and Dinklage be able to keep up with what remains one of the most absurd couples on the big screen? Waiting for this, however, what is certain is that we will see Momoa again at the cinema with Aquaman 2, due out in 2022. The actor, meanwhile, has been very committed to raising his fans’ awareness about climate change . Such as? Shaving your beard!