Amy Pascal Confirms Venom 2 And Opens A Team-up With Spider-man


The first film dedicated to the character of Venom, strongly desired by Sony Pictures, but completely disconnected from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, was a big success at the world box office, so much so that the studio was quick to develop a sequel.

Venom 2, currently in search of a new director, will see the return of Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock and his alter-ego Venom. Although there is still no concrete information about it, producer Amy Pascal has confirmed that this sequel is actually under active development.

“I can tell you that Tom Hardy will come back, interpreting the character in a magnificent way like no one else could,” the producer “Venom explained to Fandango. It was a big success for a couple of things. First, Sony did a great job in creating this franchise, giving it life and its own world. And then … there’s Tom Hardy. When you think of Venom now, you can’t think of Tom Hardy. “

In these hours, following a rumor circulated some time ago, the possibility of a Venom / Spider-Man team-up that would see Tom Hardy’s Venom meet Spider-Man by Tom Holland has made its way. Interviewed about this, Pascal explained cryptically: ” Everyone would like to see this thing … you never know, it could happen … one day”.