The Batman: Josh Gad Clarifies His Involvement As A Penguin

the batman

According to several rather reliable records, Batman’s new film with Robert Pattinson will see the presence of many historical villains of the Dark Knight. Among these should also be the Penguin, a character played by Danny DeVito in Tim Burton’s second film that has been a strong candidate for months.

We are talking about Josh Gad, an actor who in the recent period has repeatedly whetted the imagination of fans with his candidacy to take on the role of villain. After Pattinson’s official status as a new Batman Gad he had tweeted “Eh, I could beat him”.

Despite the insistence of the fans and the fantastic fan art that represented him as Pinguino, the actor wanted to clarify the situation definitively denying – at least for the moment – his involvement in the film by Matt Reeves: “Ok, since you continue to ask me … as much as I LOVED to torture you all on the Penguin, I feel compelled to tell you that in reality I will not play the character. But the fan art and all your love have greatly amused me. “

The Batman, provisional title of Reeves’ film, will focus on an unpublished version of the Dark Knight with regard to the big screen: the Bruce Wayne we will see will indeed be much younger than the characters seen in the previous films and his vein will also be explored from Detective, in noir atmospheres similar to those of Roman Polanski ‘s Chinatown.