Amy Pascal on the Black Cat, Morbius and the Future of Sony / Marvel Movies


During the promotion of Spider-Man: Far From Home, the producer Amy Pascal returned to talk about the films of the spider universe currently being worked on at Sony Pictures and that, at least to this day, are disconnected from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

After confirming the arrival of Venom 2, Amy Pascal spoke about the upcoming Sony projects inspired by Marvel comics. In this regard, the producer remained rather cryptic about the possibility of integrating these running projects at the Marvel Cinematic Universe (according to rumors, Sony would be negotiating on this), but at the moment they are stand-alone projects that must stand on their own feet.

“The most important thing is that these projects must stand alone” the producer confirmed “The first thing we thought of was: Venom must stand on its own feet, Far From Home must do it, Spider-Man: A New Universe must they have to be great movies on their own … of course, then, the possibilities are endless “.

Certainly, the window for possible team-ups or crossovers is opened by Pascal’s words but, as he explains, for now, they are developed as a stand-alone property. The producer has confirmed that the spin-off on Kraven is also in development and that there are still so many projects that Sony could develop in the future: “That is the beautiful thing in the Spider-Man Universe. There are so many characters and the studio hasn’t even scratched the surface. Dan Slott calls me often and says, “but you haven’t done that yet! You haven’t done that yet!”

The shooting of Morbius is over and it will be the next Sony project inspired by a Marvel comic: “Jared Leto is extraordinary. Who could play Morbius better than him? You can’t even imagine, it’s fantastic … personally, I’m not involved in this project but the studio has finished shooting, and it looks like a good project “.

Finally, the producer seems to have confirmed that a project dedicated to the Black Cat is coming after the cancellation of the Silver & Black spin-off: “I really like the Black Cat, it’s a great character. We have included the character for some scenes in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, but we haven’t yet ‘turned it’ completely into the Black Cat. I think it’s a great character. We’re still working on a movie with her. I think we have plans for the character. “