Rumor – Ninja Theory Works in Another Secret Game

Rumor - Ninja Theory Works in Another Secret Game

Ninja Theory finally revealed Bleeding Edge at E3 2019, a new intellectual property that, for the first time, shows the studio betting on the multiplayer experience.

Known for its action and fighting games, Ninja Theory has always bet on experiences in which narrative is one of the main focuses, but Bleeding Edge was born from the desire to present its acclaimed action gameplay in a multiplayer environment.

However, if your spell by Ninja Theory is in narrative-focused experiences, you may be cut as the latest rumors indicate that the studio is developing another game.

Bleeding Edge, which will arrive in 2020, is being developed by a team of 30 people – initially, only 15 people were working on the game, but Ninja Theory has about 100 employees.

This means that the vast majority of Ninja Theory is working on another game that we still do not know about.

Hellblade was developed by about 20 people as an AA game – a large indie, which suggests a larger-scale undertaking for this secret game.