The Wachowski Directing The Potential New Matrix With Michael B. Jordan?

The Wachowski Directing The Potential New Matrix

Since 2014 we hear about a new potential Matrix movie. At the time there was even talk of a possible new trilogy, now things have been resized and it seems that a new episode is actually on the horizon.

This is the exclusive site of the Discussing Film site. It seems that Warner Bros. Pictures is preparing (in great secrecy) a new film on the Matrix and that, contrary to what was reported some time ago, the Wachowski sisters, authors of the original trilogy, should return to the control room.

The site confirms that Zak Penn ( The Incredible Hulk ) is working on the script for the new film that the two sisters are preparing in great secrecy under the code name ” Project Ice Cream “. It is not clear if anyone in the original trilogy, including the main character Keanu Reeves, will return in some way in the new episode but it seems that Michael B. Jordan ( Black Panther ) will be the protagonist of this new film and that he will also appear among the producers through his company, the Outlier Society Productions.

The two sisters are already assembling the technical cast, still in great secrecy, and Hugh Bateup, already the set designer of the first three films, would be on board the project; filming would be scheduled as early as 2020 in Chicago.