X-Men Dark Phoenix, A New Photo Of Dazzler From The Backstage Of The Film

X-Men Dark Phoenix

After the photos related to several cut scenes of Dark Phoenix, and the first official photo of Dazzler, the character played by Halston Sage in the last film dedicated to the X-Men, is the same actress to show us better the look of the mutant with a splendid voice.

It is not accompanied by any caption, nor does it present any hashtags, the photo shared by the actress on Instagram, yet X-Men fans know perfectly well what (and who) it is.

It is a closer look at the Dazzler look, the superhero that made an appearance in the last film dedicated to the Marvel mutants, X-Men: Dark Phoenix, and that in the Black Phoenix saga actually had a much more prominent role, at least in comics, as Simon Kinberg also claims.

The director said he was a big fan of the character introduced on the pages of Uncanny X-Men, and wanted to include it at all costs in his film, even if unfortunately he could not dedicate the space he deserved.

Dazzler’s ability is to convert sound waves into light and bundles of energy, which is decidedly akin to his singing career.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix is still in theaters, while at the bottom of the news you can find Halston Sage’s Instagram post.