Fortnite Revenues Down 38% From Last Year


According to a new SuperData report detailing the most profitable games of the month of May 2019, Fortnite recorded a significant drop in revenue compared to previous years.

The mega-hit Epic Games has amassed $ 203 million in May 2019 on all platforms, which still represents a huge return to the popular Battle Royale – it ranks first in the consoles table but only fifth in the PC roster, behind League of Legends, Dungeon Fighter Online, Fantasy Westward and Crossfire.

It is quite common that the revenue of popular games fluctuates according to the month; however, compared to May 2018, Fortnite’s earnings for the same month in 2019 fell a staggering 38%.

Although Fortnite has a strong PC presence, SuperData data reveals that “Consoles continue to contribute the largest share of players and revenue.

It may just be something temporary – even because this was one of the most successful months of the Battle Royale thanks to the launch of Season 9 – but if the outlook continues or worsens, this is a bad harbinger for Epic Games since indicates that players are less and less interested in spending money in battle royale.

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